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February 1, 2017

How To Optimize Your Website For Maximum Organic Reach (aka Google)

So the focus for this site is on teaching Google AdWords right now, but it turns out I “do SEO” on a daily basis and I believe […]
January 23, 2016
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Make Your Site a Search Engine Magnet

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is, “What should I put on my home page? Where do I begin?” Whether you […]
October 30, 2012

Search optimization in a mobile world [Infographic]

Did you know that 50% of local searches now take place on smartphones?!?! Here are some thought-provoking statistics about search on mobile. As search continues to […]
August 1, 2012

SEO checklist – 10 things to check right now

If you’re new to search engine optimization, or SEO, and frankly, even if you aren’t, there’s a lot to take in, a lot to remember. To make […]
July 9, 2012
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IMP Advertising SEO tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Penguin-Proof

In the weeks since Google first unveiled its Penguin update, I have seen smart business owners turn into Chicken Little. They’ve ripped apart their home pages, designed […]
June 27, 2012
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Top Five Local Search Engines You Should Be Targeting

We usually hyper focus on Google Place search and Maps results, since they have such large market share. But there are good reasons for local businesses to be […]