Content Marketing

Content Is King

At IMP Advertising, we love to use analogies to explain. Content strategy is to SEO as quality fuel is to an expensive car. You can fill up on cheap gas and the car will go, but in time, this cheap gas will leave sediment in your tank that you will eventually have to clean out and your car will not run as smoothly.

If your website does not have high quality, linkable content that is worthy of sharing, not only will you not get found by the search engines, but you will lack validity and credibility with your customers. And content that is full of errors is not only distracting, it can also discredit you and cause visitors to have a poor user experience or worse-leave your site.

Fill your website with organic content that has been optimized with meta tags and HTML coding. Title your pages with keywords that are consistent with those that people are typing in their queries. Provide value, not fluff, and constantly add useful blog posts and encourage users to like and share your information. The time, effort, and energy spent into create content will not go to waste.

When search engines are providing information to users, they are searching through millions of web pages. And content pages that promote sharing and likes tend to rank higher, providing you valuable authority with SERP.

Look at your website. Is the content fresh or stale? Is it full of errors or misleading information? Is it written to rank or to be read and shared? Is your content engaging or are you falling asleep while you read it? Do you have colorful images to go along with your content or could you use a burst of color and a full box of crayons? Is your content unique to your competitor or did you “borrow” some of the wording from another site? Do you stand out and make others want to shout, “Hey, Look what I found?!” or do you have users clicking off faster than you can push the seat heater button on your trendy car? Did you include reviews and testimonials-do you have reviews and testimonials? Do you have citation and links to other sources?

Chances are, you haven’t given as much thought to your content as we have, which is why we LOVE what we do. Give us a call for a f consultation and we can give your website a fresh coat of words which will have you singing louder than the bass on that fancy set of wheels you own.